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Vigen Sarkisov

Board Member

My name is Vigen Sarkisov, and I am one of the members of Hoops4Hayastan. Being Armenian and having visited Armenia countless times through various sports tournaments, I’ve always aspired to make a difference in my homeland.

Growing up, I’ve been a member of countless community-level and youth-based organizations such as Homenetmen, AYF, ACYOA and even Boston Cares, where I coached sports teams, mentored youth, and became involved in the community. These experiences have fueled me to want to give back to the youth in my country in a unique way. Through Hoops4Hayastan, I not only want to give physical aid to the youth in my country, but hope to inspire and fuel within them the same passion for sports, volunteerism, and community values I have acquired through my own experiences.

I believe our team at Hoops4Hayastan is truly dedicated to bringing to life this unique, passionate project we embarked on in 2017. With our broad backgrounds and leadership skills, I truly believe we can make a difference for the youth in our country in a creative, memorable way.

Vigen Sarkisov
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